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Tips On Getting That Old Boiler To Last The Winter

That old familiar chill was in the air this morning. The one that leaves frost on your windows and that always seems to know just how sensitive you are to the cold as it reaches out its icy fingers and grabs you by the back of your neck. Yes, winter is almost upon us and, like it or not, the temperatures will be well below freezing soon. It’s time to throw on a jumper and fire up the boiler before the snow begins to fall. But, if you are like many homeowners throughout the UK, the anxiety of having to rely on your aging boiler is enough to keep you awake at night.

While replacing your older boiler is in the plans, it’s not going to happen this year. No, that 25 year old boiler is going to have to make it through another winter before retiring sometime next year. If the thought of your aging boiler having to go another winter is making you lose sleep at night, keep reading as we are going to share some tips that will help you get just a little more life out of your current boiler.

Tips On Getting That Old Boiler To Last The Winter

Inspection - the first step in getting your boiler to last another winter is to have it inspected. A gas safe engineer can inspect your boiler and point out any issues that could cause it to fail this winter.

Rust - being made primarily of metal, your boiler will begin to show signs of rust as it ages. Depending on the age and type of your boiler, you could have severe rust issues which could lead to leaks later on. Look for any signs of rust or areas of rust that seem wet and have the rust addressed as soon as possible.

Leaks - while you are inspecting your boiler for signs of rust, be sure to look for any leaks as well. Even a small leak can lead to a much bigger problem this winter and any leak should be repaired as soon as possible by a gas safe engineer. When replacing a leaking section of your cast-iron or steel boiler, it is always best to replace all sections which are part of the leaking system.

Doors And Covers - any leaks around your boiler’s doors can be repaired using ceramic rope gasket and high- temperature caulking. All covers and accessible surfaces of your boiler should be cleaned when replacing seals as this will prevent further damage and help your boiler operate more efficiently.

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