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What Makes Worcester Bosch Boilers So Good?

When it comes to residential boilers, you have a wide range of sizes, styles and brands to choose from. And that is very surprising considering the fact that boilers really only serve a singular purpose. Still, there is a boiler for every house and every need and some are always going to be better than others.

With that being said, you must be wondering if there is one brand of boiler that is better than the rest. One that heating professionals throughout the country have in their own homes and that they recommend to all of their customers. Well, there is, and that brand is Worcester Bosch.

Worcester Bosch 

Worcester Bosch is based right here in the United Kingdom and they are one of the oldest heating and hot water products manufacturers. Founded in 1962 by Cecil Duckworth as Worcester Engineering Co Ltd in Worcester, England, the company later became known as Worcester Heat Systems Ltd, then Worcester Bosch in 1992.

What Makes Worcester Bosch Boilers So Good? 

So, what is it that makes Worcester Bosch Boilers so good? Well, there are many reasons and we are going to take a look at some of them now:

Reliability - Worcester Bosch boilers are among the most reliable boilers you can buy and every Worcester Bosch boiler is backed by the best in the industry customer service. 

The Worcester Bosch Guarantee - Worcester Bosch offers a guarantee on every boiler they sell. Why not a warranty, and what’s the difference? A warranty comes with terms and conditions, meaning that if your boiler needs service, some parts may not be covered. But, with the Worcester Bosch Guarantee, there are no terms and conditions, just the fact that if anything ever goes wrong with your Worcester Bosch boiler, it’s covered by one of the best boiler manufacturers in the country.

Professional Installation 

No matter what type of boiler you choose for your home, having it installed and maintained by a heating professional is important. This will ensure years of worry-free operation and a warm and comfortable home. 

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